On October 21st and 22nd, our Chair, Catherine Uden, and our Ocean Friendly Restaurants Coordinator, Morgan Knowles, attended the Surfrider Foundation East Coast Chapters Leadership Summit in Charleston, South Carolina.  These summits are a way for chapter leaders to learn about important issues facing our oceans and beaches, learn how to organize campaigns to help their chapters win victories, discuss programs with other chapters along the east coast, find out resources available to our activists, exchange ideas, and bond as one Surfrider family. 

Cat and Morgan learned about the threat of possible seismic testing and offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, and expansion in the Gulf.  They expanded their knowledge on climate change and sea level rise, as well as protection of our coastlines.  Seawalls and hard armoring of our beaches actually destroy our beaches, so they are educating the public about managed retreat.  Dunes and sea oats are a great way to protect our beaches from storms.  Our Surfrider legal expert, Staley Prom, informed them about beach access issues, and also about preemption problems when it comes to regulating things like plastic and expanded polystyrene.  It was made clear that meeting and talking to state lawmakers is very important.  Cat is hoping to head to Tallahassee in January to meet with our Representatives and Senators to share Surfrider’s campaigns, concerns, and suggestions. 
Because of this East Coast Summit, our chapter is more knowledgeable, motivated, and focused on winning campaign victories in 2018. 
Please join us in our efforts to protect and enjoy our beaches, oceans, and waves.