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Enforce Hollywood Beach Single-Use Plastic Ordinance

Last year, Florida passed a polystyrene preemption limiting a local municipality's ability to implement polystyrene bans.  Luckily, the city of Hollywood already has an ordinance on the books, which states that all businesses east of the intracoastal waterway can not dispense non-biodegradable food service products, such as plastic straws, and polystyrene cups and take out containers.  Fortunately, Hollywood is able to enforce this ordinance because it is grandfathered in.  However, the city is not currently enforcing the ordinance.  Many businesses are unaware this ordinance exists, and are unaware of the environmental importance of this ordinance.  The city of Hollywood is a coastal town.  We have a beautiful beach, and right off the beach, you can see manatees, sea turtles, dolphins, and manta rays. These animals are harmed by plastic and polystyrene litter.  The beach has many restaurants and businesses, and they are not in compliance of this ordinance.

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