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Be on the lookout for any "Oiled debris" and "Tar Balls"

The US Coast Guard Miami is on the lookout for any "Oiled debris" and "Tar Balls" along the beaches. if  you could  keep a close eye out for such materials and if you come across any please contact them so they can come out and retrieve the item and send it out to our Laboratory for further study. As beach goers you have more eyes on the beach then Coast Guard does and  you would be a huge help. Also if you know of any other organizations that could lend assistance in this matter I would appreciate any points of contact.
For found oiled debris please contact Sector Miami's
Pollution response division at (786)777-0775 and the National Response Center at
Please feel free to e-mail me or call me if you have any
questions or want any amplifying information.

Thank you for your
time and consideration.

MST1 Alan Larson
U.S. Coast
District Response Advisory Team