Broward Chapter

Ban Balloon Releases

We’re asking for help in creating ordinances against all intentional balloon releases, including latex balloons here in Broward county.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

When you release a balloon into the air, it will inevitably come down. They lose their helium and fall back to the earth, miles from where you released it. The unseen ramifications are many and vary depending upon where it end its journey through the sky.

Loggerhead hatchling with Latex balloons
A loggerhead hatchling swims through balloon debris.
Photo from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Where Do Balloons Go?

Outside of just becoming litter, the can be deadly and destructive.

  • They impact wildlife, many marine and terrestrial species can mistake them for food, often times causing death.
  • Wildlife can become tangled in their remains and attached strings, leading to death.
  • Mylar balloons, when they become tangled in electrical equipment can cause fires.

These balloons were removed from inside a Hawksbill sea turtle in August 2011.
Photo: Lance Ferris Australian Seabird Rescue

These are just a few of the ways that balloons impact our world. More facts and statistics can be found on

What Can You Do?

Attend City Commission meetings and ask you mayor and city commission to ban the intentional release of balloons.

Educate yourself and others on the impact of releasing balloons.

There are many alternatives to releasing balloons, including, but not limited to:

  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Flying a Kite
  • Drumming
  • Floating Flowers
  • Wildflower Seed Bombs
  • Painting Rocks

Many more ideas are out there and has a great list!

For more information on how to assist with this campagin, please email our chair at