January 25, 2013

BEACH CLEANUP – Saturday, Feb 9, 2013

Beach Clean Up  – West Broward High School Surf Club with Surfrider Foundation Broward County Chapter

 Doing a beach clean up is a wonderful way to spend a few hours at the beach and get community service hours. Everyone is invited to participate!

When : Saturday, February  9, 2012 

Time: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Where: Hollywood Beach, Florida – Johnson Street and A1A  MAP

 WAIVER FORM (will also available at beach)

 The West Broward High School Surf and Surfider Foundation Broward County Chapter has organized a beach clean up at Johnson Street and A1A in Hollywood, FL. The club beach clean up at this beach as means to educate beach users, clean the beach and it’s a great way to get their needed community service hours.

Participants will clean the beach. Document materials collected specific to plastic, styrofoam and cigrette buds. Recruit new volunteers off the beach to participate. The Surfrider Foundation’s Broward County Chapter will provided trash bags, gloves and a tent. All the trash collected will be bagged and place near existing trash cans

See you there!


January 21, 2013

Description Duties Of Chapter Officers/Volunteers


Below you will find a description of  volunteer  opportunities that are available to you.  If you have an intrests you are more thatn welcome to get more involved with a great way to give back to our coasts!



We are looking for a virtual Social Media volunteer to assist us in developing a social media and growing our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc).

 A fun opportunity! Actual tasks will include: Using the latest social media tools to promote our organization; reinforcing and developing the social media strategies; maintaining established social media tools, particularly Word Press and Facebook also  Researching and reporting on emerging social media trends.


We are looking for a Beach Cleanup Volunteer that will manage a host of responsibilities, including: identifying sites on the water to be cleaned and overseeing those sites;educating the public and rallying a volunteer network; engaging reporters from radio, television, newspapers and online news sources; arranging cleanup day logistics; and ensuring that data collected by volunteers reaches Surfrider Foundation Trash Index.

  A fun opportunity! Actual tasks will include: organizing, hosting  and promoting  beach cleanups.  


CHAIR (Executive Board)

The Chair is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter and is

responsible for fulfilling the mission of the Chapter. The Chair presides

at meetings of the Chapter, the Executive Committee and has general

supervision of the operation of the Chapter. The Chair shall be an ex

officio member of all Committees of the Chapter. The Chair shall

transmit to the Chapter all ideas and plans proposed by the Chapter

Committee and Surfrider Foundation National Headquarters which may

affect the Chapter or its members; and shall take no action binding

upon the Chapter without either specific prior authorization or

subsequent ratification by the Chapter or their Executive Committee.

The Chair is the primary contact with Surfrider Foundation National



VICE-CHAIR (Executive Board)

The Vice-Chair shall perform duties that usually pertain to this office or

as may be assigned by the Chair or the Executive Committee. The

Vice-Chair is responsible for planning, organizing and directing a

program that ensures membership retention and membership growth.



The Secretary is responsible for the Chapters records (minutes) and

correspondence. The Secretary keeps an accurate record of the

meetings and topics of discussion of the Chapter and of the Executive

Committee; and transmits the same to the successor in Office. The

Secretary is responsible for sending monthly reports to Surfrider

Foundation National Headquarters and is also a primary contact to

National Headquarters.

TREASURER (Executive Board)

The Treasurer is responsible for the Chapters Financial records. The

Treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of the Chapter, all

Chapter funds; pays to Surfrider Foundation National all financial

obligations of the Chapter as they come due; and keeps an accurate

account of all transactions. The Treasurer shall make financial reports

to the Chapter or Surfrider Foundation National upon request, and shall

transmit the accounts and all undistributed funds to the successor in

office. The Treasurer along with the Chair will be co-signatories on the

chapter bank account.



The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for  coordinating all members

within the chapter. This officer recruits new members, coordinates all

volunteers within the chapter, places volunteers within each

committee, delegates and supervises new and current volunteers

within the chapter. The VC builds chapter membership, increase

member satisfaction, and communication between the chapter

committees. This person is responsible for bringing in new chapter

members on a regular basis,

January 15, 2013

January Meeting Tuesday, January 22, 2012

Tuesday – January 22, 2013, Broward Surfrider Meeting

Surf Movie and Meeting

Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Meeting Time:  7:00
Social / networking following
Bahia Cabana Restaurant
(Directly Across From The South End Of South Beach Parking Lot )
3001 Harbor Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  (954) 524-1555

Meeting Time:  7:00

Free Valet at Resturant or Park at South Beach Metered Lot
AIA Restoration
Junior Surfrider
Planning for 2013
Social / networking following


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